NetAnalyzer is at the forefront of telephony 5G, 4G/LTEIMS, SIP and SS7 network monitoring. Composed of “Scalable Virtualized” and/or hardware based probes, and orchestrated by Tekno Telecom’s patented application software, it non-intrusively connects to multiple high-speed 5G, 4G/LTE, IMS, SIP, RTP and SS7 links to decode and correlate MSUs, IP packets (SIP, Diameter, H.248, etc.) simultaneously into filterable and user formatted call detail records (CDR’s/xDRs) and transaction detail records (TDR’s) with 100% accuracy in “real-time”.

(advanced) NetDecode

The (advanced) NetDecode application collects and stores all calls and transactions in full protocol decode mode for a 7-day historical analysis. This application has fast recall capabilities and post-capture filtering in order to provide rapid empirical data for troubleshooting diagnostics such as global call tracing, and equipment, blockages and failures.

NetQuest BI

NetQuest BI provides visualizations and analysis of network data (CDRs and NetAnalyzer report outputs) with integration of specific Country/City code, rating, LERG, rating and trunk group information for long term storage and reporting for multi-departmental use. NetQuest BI is designed for 90 days+ of online storage or longer and for detailed analysis and robust drill-down capabilities.  Users can utilize their report writing tool including Power Bi, Tableau, Crystal, Splunk, etc.

NetQuest UI

NetQuest UI  is an easy-to-use User Interface and Security Application and is Equipped with Centralized NetQuest Web Graphical User Interface License. The NetQuest User Interface WEB (UI) enables users to monitor 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G  and SS7 traffic to generate user requests that can be collected and output in a variety of output formats.  The NetQuest WEB UI provides security, administration, and a simplified approach for operation of the system via a standard browser.  Users may launch real-time end to end Global Call/Session Traces by calling or called number across the entire network with the click of an icon. The user-interface with powerful filters provide valuable troubleshooting reports, KPIs, Dashboards, Notifications, etc.  Ideal for working solo or collaboratively, the user interface also allows for saving of filters, export of information in HTML (Ladder Diagrams), PCAP files and many other attributes that will enable your staff to solve and communicate issues quickly and professionally.

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