We develop and manufacture Converged Network Monitoring Applications and CDR/xDR Generation Solutions for wireless, wireline, and next-generation carriers on a worldwide basis.

Founded in 1968, in the telecom sector, Tekno Telecom has installed over 10,000 systems worldwide. Migrating from call accounting systems to traffic management solutions (which front-ended switches) to call completion systems, Tekno is a pillar of telecom network management, maintenance, and revenue assurance solutions, focusing on high return on investment systems for wireline and wireless carriers.


Tekno’s strength is generated from our engineering expertise. We have consistently brought to market products that are more advanced and accurate than others. The engineering team has been awarded numerous patents, offering supremely efficient and accurate systems necessary for today’s carriers to confidently monitor and manage their networks in order to resolve issues and generate increased ROI.


Consistent reliance on data/information collected, not from the switch, but directly from the network (5G, 4G/LTE, 3G,  IMS, RTP media, SIP and SS7 network monitoring.), has been Tekno’s focus. Tekno’s products use advanced techniques to extract and correlate network data which is rich in both operational and revenue information and provides carriers the ability to make critical network and business decisions.


Most importantly, Tekno invests in research and development which drives cutting edge technology for the industry’s newest networks as well as supporting legacy telecom networks.

As a stable and profitable company, Tekno has experienced tremendous growth recently with the advent of its LinkQuest and now NetQuest system.

Tekno Telecom

Learn the latest techniques for monitoring your LTE - IMS - SIP - SS7 Networks

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