NetQuest Business Intelligence

Comprehensive Suite of Visual Analytics

NetQuest BI

Comprehensive and Automated Network Management Reporting
NetQuest BI provides visualizations and analysis of network data (CDRs and NetAnalyzer report outputs) with integration of specific Country/City code, rating, LERG and trunk group information for long term storage and reporting for multi-departmental use. NetQuest BI is designed for 90 days of online storage or longer and for detailed analysis and robust drill-down capabilities.

NetQuest BI

NetQuest BI provides actionable/scalable insights into your CDRs to drive business decisions:


NetQuest BI decodes and correlates complex protocols over high-speed signaling links and IP networks into “real-time” accurate CDRs and generates business intelligence network information easily interpreted and accessible by all departments

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NetQuest BI proactively analyzes each call/session transaction across multiple signaling topologies to instantly trap failures for troubleshooting and generate longer term network performance/QoS/statistical CEM summaries and KPI Metrics. 

Key Capabilities

Actionable/scalable insights into your CDRs to drive business decisions

Monthly Statistics

Monthly statistics provide improved revenue realization, increased customer satisfaction and business intelligence to realize profits that could not otherwise be achieved.

Traffic Analysis / Engineering

Rapidly identify and isolate areas of interest  to perform traffic analysis, network optimization, and to drive engineering decisions.

Fraud Analysis

Monitor and act on every call and transaction in “real-time” for fraudulent activity to ultimately provide maximum profitability

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Increase customer satisfaction by proactively ensuring your network is running optimally and profitably with regular maintenance.

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