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Net Analyzer

Migration Path Solution for Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Network Management

NetAnalyzer is at the forefront of telephonyfor 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G,  IMS, RTP media, SIP and SS7 network monitoring. Composed of “Scalable Virtualized” and/or hardware based probes, and orchestrated by Tekno Telecom’s patented application software, it non-intrusively connects to multiple high-speed 5G, 4G/LTE, IMS, SIPand SS7 links to decode and correlate MSUs, IP packets (SIP, Diameter, H.248, etc.) simultaneously into filterable and user formatted call detail records / session detail records (CDR’s/SDRs) and transaction detail records (TDR’s) with 100% accuracy in real-time including voice and video performance.


NetAnalyzer provides powerful, economical solutions to measure and solve QoS, billing, performance and inter-operability issues:


Correlate call and packet data into detailed, “real-time” information easily interpreted and
accessible by all departments to manage the entire network and increase return on investment.

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NetAnalyzer non-intrusively connects to multiple 5G, 4G/LTE, IMS, SS7, IoT, and SIP Ethernet links to decode and correlate 5G, SIP, Diameter IP packets and SS7 MSUs, etc.. simultaneously into filterable and user formated call detail records (CDRs or SDRs) and transaction detail records (TDRs) with 100% accuracy in “real-time” including voice and video analysis.

Key Capabilities

Provide network management, business intelligence, operational and “real-time” reporting details.

Ladder Diagrams

Ladder Diagrams provide a real-time graphical presentation of the call/transaction flow from the NetAnalyzer System by simply typing in a phone number within the real-time global call trace application.

KPI Performance Metric Reporting

NetQuest’s KPI Software Application for ISUP and SIP (RFC 6076 end-to-end Performance Metrics) can generate KPIs based on extremely powerful and flexible front end timing and “filtration”

Robust Web Capabilities

NetQuest is a centralized UI Graphical User Interface License with Security

"Tenant" Capabilities

NetQuest’s “Tenant” application is a potential revenue generator for Tekno  customers and works as an add-on software application in which a single instance serves multiple customers or tenants on the NetQuest UI.

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