SS7 Monitoring

SS7/C7 Monitoring for Service and Network Assurance

Tekno Telecom NetQuest monitors and correlates all of the SS7/C7 Protocols including:

Tekno’s NetQuest is ideal for Carriers and Service Providers:

  • Instantly understand the health of your network, and identify, communicate, and solve any issues that arise with real-time accurate data for:

Multiple Departments within a Carrier / Service Provider can benefit:

The NetAnalyzer probe inherently and accurately correlates 5G/4G LTE/3G/SIP & SS7/C7 messages (msus) into CDRs/xDRs with every bit and byte available for filtering, formatting, protocol decoding, call tracing, and KPIs. Users can build their own CDRs/XDRs or use Tekno’s pre-built CDRs in binary, ASCII, CSV and XML Formats.  Multiple CDRs/XDRs can be created for the same call / transaction to feed different applications with different parameters and formats.

Additionally, the NetQuest system can also correlate other protocols (5G, SIP, Diameter, H.248, etc.) into the same call trace for an end-to-end view of a call, complete with ladder diagrams and full protocol decodes with voice and video analysis on every session.  This capability is exceptionally powerful and a key differentiator for the NetQuest system.

Empower your staff inexpensively and accurately with the NetQuest System and NetAnalyzer Probe

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