(Advanced) NetDecode

Historical Access to MSUs/packets for decoding and Troubleshooting


Proactively Monitor and Manage any Hybrid or Next-Gen Network

The (Advanced) NetDecode application collects and stores all calls and transactions in full protocol decode mode for a multi-day historical analysis. This application has fast recall capabilities and post-capture filtering in order to provide rapid empirical data for troubleshooting diagnostics such as global call tracing, and equipment, blockages and failures and CLEA surveillance requirements.



NetDecode provides a steady stream of rich data for immediate (real-time) analysis:

  • Addresses the need to assure profitability in a changing environment: costs, network capacity, financial business targets.
  • Captured MSUs/packets and LMSs will give the carriers the business intelligence necessary to immediately take corrective measures thus preventing any more lost revenue.
  • Up to 640 users or tenants can securely log in remotely to the server. Any user can create filters on the NetAnalyzers that generate NDRs.
  • Provides super-fast Post Processing, Sorting, and Post Filtering with full drill down capabilities of correlated and related sessions, call, or transaction trace message.
  • Designed to be a post capture solution which takes in all or filtered SIP, Diameter, and SS7 MSUs/transactions, and other protocols.


The (advanced) NetDecode Application collects and stores all calls and transactions with full protocol decodes for multi-day historical analysis.

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(advanced) NetDecode will help provide a steady stream of rich data for immediate analysis. The captured MSUs/packets and LMSs will give the carriers the business intelligence necessary to im-mediately take corrective measures thus minimizing lost revenue.

Key Capabilities

Avoid lost revenue due to equipment blockages and failures.

High Speed Search Capabilities

High speed search capabilities allows post-filter searches by date and time, unique field, telephone number, IMSI etc. which is extremely powerful and utilizes correlation and associations.

  • Pre-capture filtering of CDR or NDR data stream capabilities.
  • Captures and correlates related MSUs/packets in real-time.
  • Specific sorting and filtration capabilities.
  • Total visibility into all NDR blocks from NetAnalyzer filters.

Ladder View

Advanced NetDecode correlates the source of the MSUs and IP packets and filtered call data records (CDRs), transaction detail records (TDRs) and session detail records (SDRs)

  • Shows correlated transactions and individual MSU direction.
  • Displays originating and terminating nodes.
  • Complete human readable decode of MSUs and HEX.

Shallow & Granular Filtration

Advance NetDecode’s filtration and sorting capabilities on each of the common fields provides further drill-downs to reveal the data elements that comprise the CDRs / TDRs / SDRs

  • Shallow filtration for quick search by calling, called, IMSI, etc.
  • Deep granular inspection available for almost every field in the protocol.

Sharable in HTML format

Advance NetDecode accelerates the analysis of network issues because all associated MSUs/IP Packets for a call, transaction or session are delivered correlated.

  • Historical records can be downloaded in HTML.
  • HTML downloads contain full human readable decodes.
  • HTML downloads contain ladder diagrams with node and MSU direction detail.
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