• Network Health, Surveillance, Troubleshooting and Protocol Analysis
  • Business, Subscriber and Network Reporting and Intelligence
  • Security and Profiling
  • Billing and CDR Revenue Assurance, Recovery and Validation
  • QoS, KPIs and Customer Experience (CEM) Analytics


  • NetQuest Consists of NetAnalyzer SDN/NFV Virtualized probes or hardware-software based probes with real-time and historical database applications for operations, engineering, revenue assurance, billing, business intelligence and end to end network analytics.


  • Tekno provides a complete array of installation, project management, training, product support, consulting and applied engineering services to bring substantial ongoing value, ease of use and implementation of network improvements.


  • NetQuest is designed for a rapid financial return on investment through a combination of billing optimization, network knowledge, revenue assurance and improved QoS, for reduced churn potential.

Whether your problem is billing, fraud, maintenance, QoS, traffic or protocol analysis, we have the solution.

Tekno’s NetQuest correlates signaling and network data into accurate and actionable information to simplify the management of your network and subscribers.

Tekno is available today to demonstrate our virtualized probes and analytics.

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NetQuest empowers carriers to Monitor, Measure, Manage and Monetize network information into knowledge that solves vexing, revenue affecting and customer related network issues. Armed with this knowledge, NetQuest users can communicate more accurately with their customers, vendors, interconnect partners and engineering/billing departments.

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Ways to Engage: Capex and “new Opex” pricing provides subscription ownership models with reduced cost and risk which limits exposure to technology and business changes.

Operations / NOCC Engineering

Easy access to network health information via real-time KPI alarming, identification of faults and exceptions reporting performance metrics with drill down protocol analysis capabilities.

Revenue Assurance, Fraud, and Billing

Real-time highly accurate signaling based CDRs and SDRs provide monetary information to maximize your billing, revenue assurance and prevention of fraud.

Executive Knowledge

At a glance graphical analytics and statistical reports at your fingertips to make informed financial and business decisions regarding changes in the network performance and customer experience.

Custom Development

Tekno's applied engineering expertise provides unique solutions to meet your changing, proprietary and custom network requirements.